Central Highlands

The great mountains and forests

Filled with natural beauty, rich history and diverse culture, this is the perfect place for discovering incredible landscapes such as rolling hills, majestic mountains and lush jungles. The population in this part of Vietnam consists mostly of ethnic minorities that have lived here for centuries, each with their own distinct cultures, traditional music and dance as well as colourful festivals. The Central Highlands is an absolute feast to the eyes!


Things To Do

The Central Highlands of Vietnam offer a wealth of activities and experiences for travellers. From trekking through the lush jungles to visiting ancient villages, there is something for everyone in this beautiful region. This is certainly a great spot for nature-lovers!

  • Explore the national parks, as the Central Highlands are home to several parks.
  • Visit coffee plantations, as this is the go-to region for fresh coffee!
  • Go on a trekking or cycling tour, the mountainous terrain is perfect for these outdoor activities.
  • Visit waterfalls in the area and feel refreshed with a little dip in the water
  • Experience local culture by meeting ethnic groups in the region.
Your Journey


How to get to the Central Highlands?

A large plateau on the edge of Cambodia and Laos, it is easiest to take a flight from Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi to one of the many airports close do Da Lat and Dak Lak. Buses are also available from all major cities.

How long should you stay in the Central Highlands?

This depends on your travelling intentions. If you wish to do a trekking itinerary, three to four days is a good amount of time to explore the area. Otherwise, two to three is good for a short getaway or a quick visit.

Where to stay in the Central Highlands?

Accommodations range from luxury hotels to more authentic homestays, there is options for every type of traveler.

When to go to the Central Highlands?

The best time to visit the city is from January to June, to avoid showers and heatwaves.

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