Why Us

Maxim is an innovative travel agency dedicated to delivering unique experiences to its clients. Founded by a group of professionals with different skills and expertise in the travel industry, Maxim is led by Ms. Minh Sa who has more than 10 years of experience in the field of tourism, and Mr. Jack Bui as Art Director for projects 5-star international standard resort. The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) recognizes this service provided by Maxim as meeting their standards for Vietnam.

Maxim strives to bring visitors more than just understanding culture through folk art and contemporary art from classical painting to architecture that can be experienced through feeling rather than simply reading about it online or taking pictures at tourist attractions alone – they provide immersive experiences tailored specifically towards each individual’s needs! There really are no limits when it comes down what you can do while being guided around Vietnam with Maxim’s services!

Not only do they offer these amazing opportunities but also have some great deals available so you don’t break your budget either – whether it’s discounts on flights/hotels packages during peak season times throughout the year; all-inclusive trips where everything from transportation costs down food expenses are included in one flat rate package deal – whatever your preference may be there will always be something perfect waiting out there just right up ahead thanks to Maxim commitment towards providing excellent customer service every step along the way!.


Nowadays social responsibility is found in more than a simple movement. It has become a vital element for social and economic development, in which thousands of companies have recognised their permanent commitment.  


Society, companies and the environment coexist thanks to all the responsible actions that are generating a huge positive impact all around the globe. If we all commit with a more sustainable conscience, we all win. Join up to change!  


It has always been said: “If you want to change the world, start with yourself”. Which is why, in our office we promote the use of recycled paper, although the first instruction is not to print; when classifying residue these are separated to facilitate recycling: lighting is by LED for lesser impact on the environment. On the other hand flexibility is part of our day to day and we encourage the work/family dynamic.  Inour offices we promote the use of recycled paper, albeit initially our first instructions are not to print; on classification of residue these are separated for recycling; lighting is LED for a lesser environmental impact.

In the careful selection of our suppliers we always ensure their activity is as sustainable as possible.

In terms of the production of events we always try to generate the least impact. If there is a large number of delegates, impact is inevitable, but we always advise authorities or those responsible, (if there is going to be more noise than normal during a particular time period, if there is going to be a significant amount of debris to ensure there are sufficient wastepaper baskets…..).

Our suppliers for activities can also always offer options directed towards promoting a sustainable activity: reforestation, orchards, excursions by bicycle or electric scooter … Also in the majority of Restaurants and Hotels ecological food and/or local and seasonal products are on offer. In this way we attempt to follow some of the main ideas promoted by official organisms in terms of sustainability which they report to us all in their annual reports.

In general, we can say that an increase in the awareness of sustainability has been perceived in all of our suppliers which, as we have previously mentioned, have been carefully selected.



Walt Disney

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to follow them”

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